About Us

Overpass is a group of five longtime musician friends who perform to raise money for charity. All five members are vocalists as well as musicians.  Instead of accepting money for performances, we accept donations for Daffodil Place, a residence in St. John’s for cancer patients undergoing treatment!

Overpass’ style is one of music and storytelling, playing a variety of country, folk, traditional, classic rock, original, and gospel music. The sound is a combination of acoustic and electric guitar, mandolin, drums, harmonica, and sometimes button accordion.

The name Overpass comes from a reference to the famous Kenmount Road overpass in St. John’s. Over the years, the overpass has been a lighthearted symbol of the separation between ‘townies’ and ‘bayman.’

Given that our band members are a mixture of guys from ‘town’ and from ‘around the bay,’ we thought it was fitting. The difference is that we use it as a symbol of the two sides coming together to create something good.

Secondly, an overpass represents a path over an obstacle: think of the old railway bridges or overpasses that took trains over rivers and gorges. Similarly, with its music, Overpass hopes to offer a little comfort and uplifting to assist anyone in the audience who may be facing difficulty.

Overpass: Music for Good

Greg ‘Ace” Bourden – Drummer, Electric Uke, Harmonica & Vocals. Greg’s beat is the glue in Overpass’ music

David Peters – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Bongos & Tambourine. Dave loves the Rock and Roll with Soul. 

Wylie Butler – Vocals, Acoustic and Electric Guitar & Keys. A south-paw with the velvet country voice. 

Jeff Hutchings – Vocals, Acoustic and Lead Guitar. Songwriter with a love for traditional music.

Craig Piercey – Bass Guitar. Frontman for 709 Heartland Band. A flare for vintage rock and roll.

Adrian O’Keefe – Guest musician. Man of a thousand instruments. Mandolin wizard!

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